57. Chopin Concerts Chopin Concerts

57. Chopin Concerts

57th season of Chopin Concerts at Łazienki Park starts on 15th May

This Sunday, 15th May, one more time, the season of one of the oldest music events of the capital starts. This cultural showcase of the city, has been taking place every year since 1959. The opening concert by the Chopin’s monument is going to be played by Karol Radziwonowicz, this year.

Chopin Concerts held in Łazienki Park, have become an integral part of spring and summer in Warsaw. From mid-May till the end of September, each Sunday, we will be treated to two concerts played by prominent pianists: the first one at 12.00 and another at 4.00 pm.

Concerts reached their popularity peak in 2010. This was the year, when the whole world celebrated Chopin’s Year, organised to commemorate 200th birthday of the composer. Among stars of that celebration, there was one of the best interpreters of Chopin’s music – Karol Radziwonowicz, an artist who took part in many concerts and projects. He is the one to play the opening concert of this season. The second concert on 15th May will be played by Łukasz Krupiński – a 24-year-old, winner of several international contests. Such a selection of artists for the opening is a clear sign that organisers - Stołeczna Estrada and Towarzystwo im. Fryderyka Chopina (Fryderyk Chopin Society) – value maturity and classical approach, as well as youth and innovation.

What are the most characteristic features of Chopin’s music? Its romanticism, folk nature and patriotic character. Furthermore, it is also its universality, thanks to which, music of our fellow countryman is alluring for musicians representing various musical approaches, including unique and modern ways of music interpretations. This year young pianists stand out from the line-up – they will surprise us with their approach to Chopin’s music. – Andrzej Matusiak, director of Stołeczna Estrada says. This is why, we would like to recommend you the concerts played by Michał Szymanowski, Grzegorz Skrobiński (both on 3rd July), Adam Kośmieja (24th July), Tymoteusz Bies (7th August), Aleksandra Bobrowska (18th September) and last but not least, the closing concert of this season, by Krzysztof Książek (25th September). All of these artists are successful, but they are still at the beginning of their careers. They can still be called the hope of Polish piano music.

Each of the pianists sees performing in such a distinguished scenery as a great honour and prestige. The audience always crowds around the monument of the inspired composers. Each year the spectators know more and more about classical music. It must have to do with Chopin Concerts, which are a great way to make high art more popular, more modern and open. Come over and find out.

Organisers: Stołeczna Estrada.

Partners: Towarzystwo im. Fryderyka Chopina w Warszawie, Muzeum Łazienki Królewskie w Warszawie

The Patron of 57th season of Chopin Concerts is Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Media Patrons: Gazeta Wyborcza.pl, Co Jest Grane24, Wirtualna Polska, WawaLove