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Child's Day – WARSAW TO KIDS
Child's Day is a special day for our youngest. With this in mind, we do our best to make our kids feel very important on that date. For years now we have been preparing theater shows combining learning and play. In 2008, the event went through the roof. This year we’ll take control of whole of the Agrykola Park, giving our kids entertainment that they didn't even dream about!

Winter in the City
Stołeczna Estrada brings some heat to Warsaw in winter. There's no time to be bored when there is so much happening in the city!
“Winter in the city" is a periodical event for children staying at home during winter holidays. During “Winter in the city,” kids can participate in free classes prepared by the city. Stołeczna Estrada is in charge of the opening and the closing of the event. As always, it's colourful and fun. Winter with Estrada are, among other things, illusionist performances, laser shows and concerts of the stars. In the past years, we could see the participants of You Can Dance TV show, as well as performances by Feel, Gosia Andrzejewicz and Ewa Farna. For the theatre lovers, we organise workshops, finishing in a play prepared together. Groups of children and school youth prepare a show. The results of their work are later presented on stage, in front of a big audience in Sala Kongresowa.

Stołeczna Estrada events are a wonderful opportunity to have fun with children during winter holidays in an unusual way. We guarantee unforgettable time.

Summer in the City is a periodical event organised by the Warsaw City Council. Each districts offers the children staying home for summer holidays different attractions. The opening and the closing shows haver for several years now been prepared by Stołeczna Estrada.

 Air castles, climbing wall, painting faces, swimming in a sea of colourful balls – those are just a few of the attractions we have prepared. During each of our events, both local and foreign stars were performing, different workshops were held and prizes could be won in various contests. For the “Summer in the City” participants, the finale is the perfect moment to present what they have learnt during classes held throughout the event.
Summer events are a wonderful opportunity to spend your free time with your child in an active and diverse way. Summer is the time of crazy ideas and Stołeczna Estrada loves to surprise its audience.